FAQs on B2B and B2C Support included - BeSafe Pay

B2B & B2C Support

BeSafe Pay is the Hotel Payment System made by BeSafe that allows you to automate the reconciliation of your accommodation receipts.

In this section find out how it works and how to request specific assistance whether you are a hotelier or a traveller.

You can learn more about how our Payment Gateway for Hotels works by requesting a free demo.

B2B & B2C Support

Who handles technical support requests related to charges from guests?

Payment issues experienced by the guest are listed on BeSafe Pay dashboard. Once the guest receives a notification from us about any errors, he/she should contact his/her bank to investigate the nature of the issue.

Who handles technical support requests from hoteliers?

If you need any technical support, we are always available. You can open a ticket in your BeSafe Pay dashboard and report the error in more detail, or you can reach us directly.