Values and Mission behind Our Solutions - BeSafe Rate


A hotelier’s job is one of passion and dedication, and every satisfied guest is an incentive to offer more and better. This means satisfying the different needs that guests express and being able to anticipate the services that will one day become standard offers.

BeSafe Rate is a service created to protect all those who have made hospitality their life. A shield to protect hoteliers and owners of accommodation facilities of all categories from financial losses due to refunds and lost stays.

Starting from the needs

The awareness that led the company to take its first steps was the need, as hoteliers, to put themselves in the place of their guests. This was to better understand their needs and the consequent desire to find the meeting point between apparently opposing interests.

  • Guests need flexibility and a guarantee of protection in case of unforeseen events that compromise their stay.
  • Hoteliers need secure income to grow their business. Advanced and guaranteed collections even in the event of cancellation.

We live in a particular era when uncertainty affects the organization of a trip. This has become a crucial element for travellers choosing to book a stay. Therefore, it’s a duty for hoteliers to offer solutions to this need as well, both to protect their guests and to safeguard their earnings.

 41% of bookings are cancelled last-minute, fuelling the uncertainty of collection for hoteliers, and the so-called Non-Refundable rate does not guarantee collection to accommodation facilities. In fact, guests can report to the interbank circuit, often obtaining a full refund of the amount despite the cancellation policy set by the Non-Refundable rate, resulting in a loss for hoteliers.

So the question is: how to respond to the needs of both parties, at the same time and with a single solution?

The meeting point

BeSafe Rate was created to meet these needs. The tech company allows accommodation facilities to sell the rate of the same name, which includes travel insurance for guests in the price of the stay purchased, safeguarding the hoteliers’ collections by protecting their guests.

In this way, the property offers its guests a product able to eliminate the management of refunds. In the event of an unexpected event that compromises the stay, the Insurance Company will take care of its management and possible refund.

A comprehensive service

The company was created to offer hospitality professionals a complete, innovative and versatile service, able to:

  • Encourage prepaid reservations
  • Encourage advanced collections
  • Provide a guarantee of collection to industry professionals
  • Provide greater revenue power to industry professionals
  • Increase direct reservations and disintermediation
  • Eliminate the management of refunds for missed stays
  • Supporting industry professionals in the management of unforeseen events

Protecting travellers from potential unforeseen events and guaranteeing them reimbursement in case of a missed stay, this rate ensures hoteliers early and guaranteed collections even in the event of cancellation.

In this way, an event that would normally be configured as a loss, gives the hotelier the opportunity to re-sell the same accommodation. This means, the same room can be put on sale twice and that is why BeSafe Rate is a real opportunity to earn.