BeSafe Rate: Hotel Reservation with Travel Insurance Included

The insured prepaid rate for your hotel.

Secure your revenue and protect the stay of your guests

BeSafe Rate

Thanks to the insured reservations, your guests are safe and your revenues is secured.


What it is and how it works

Sell, collect, insure

BeSafe Rate is the service that allows you to include in your offer a tariff comprehensive of insurance.

On one hand, by including the tariff in your offering, you are securing your collections and maximising your conversion opportunities. On the other hand, you will be protecting the stay of your guests at no extra cost thanks to the insurance already included in the cost of the reservation.

Benefits for your property

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Aumenti la disintermediazione



Prepaid reservations

Elimini la gestione_dei rimborsi



Revenue and
cashflow optimization

Offerte al cliente

More options for your customers

Elimini rimborsi

No more refund requests


Peace of mind for your guests


How it works

2 problems, 1 solution

Hoteliers need to sell rooms without having to refund them.

Tourists look for a safe say, to be protected from unexpected events related to the pandemic.

With the insured reservation by BeSafe, your guests are safe, and your collections are secured as well.

Our customers

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Benefits for your property

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Incasso sicuro

Secure and disintermediated collections

Thanks to BeSafe, your collections are guaranteed even in the event of cancellation. The additional tool to maximize your online and offline direct sales, while paying less OTA fees.

Semplicità di utilizzo

Easy to use for you and your guests

Nothing changes for your guests. BeSafe Rate insured reservations can be easily managed from a user-friendly extranet specifically designed to meet hoteliers’ needs.

Potere di revenue

Higher revenue power

Increase customer offers and cashflow by optimizing your revenue. Choose the right formula for you among our packages, and manage the rates as you wish. BeSafe Rate works perfectly with all sales strategies.


How to integrate

3 simple steps

  • Enter your property details, and register for free.
  • Log in to the BeSafe Suite dashboard and start using your new private area.
  • Get all the information and assistance you need to correctly place the rate on your website. 

You are ready to receive your insured reservations.


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BeSafe si integra con i Migliori Gestionali Alberghieri

Management System

Your Management System is already connected

With more than 30 active integrations, we are connected with the best property management systems. 

You will have everything under control. Your BeSafe reservations will be automatically processed in order to manage all insured bookings effectively.

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