Hotelier FAQs: Rate Placement and Revenue Strategies | BeSafe Rate

Rate Placement and Revenue Strategies

BeSafe Rate is a versatile and customizable rate, suitable for accommodations of all sizes and categories.
In this section you can view the most frequently asked questions about payment methods, revenue management strategies, optimal rate placement and much more.

Rate Placement and Revenue Strategies

Can I use the rate for advance payment or tranche payment?

Absolutely yes. Please note that the pre-payment policy must be in line with the applied strategy. When confirming the reservation collections in the Extranet, you will be able to confirm the amount actually collected, on which the Insurance Policy will be applied.
Please note that, if your guests ask for a refund of their reservation, they may request a refund of the actually prepaid amount.

Which is the best Revenue strategy for my accommodation?

One of BeSafe Rate streghts is that it makes it possible to customize the Revenue strategy and modify it at any time. By clicking here you can see some of the strategies applied by accommodations.
For a customized Revenue advice, please contact our Revenue Manager Paolo Piccini by writing to

Can I modify the rate's description or the cancellation and prepayment policy provided by you?

Rate descriptions and cancellation and prepayment policies are specifically designed to encourage the potential guest to finalize the reservation using BeSafe Rate.
In addition, as this is a reservation including travel insurance, these descriptions must comply with IVASS requirements, which we guarantee for all texts we provide.
For these reasons, the descriptions provided are not modifiable and their use is mandatory.

Can I apply BeSafe Rate on offers?

Yes, you can also apply BeSafe Rate to your offers. Please note that the inclusion of BeSafe Rate, prepaid rate with insurance included, should not appear as an additional cost for the guest but it has to be included in the total offer.

I created a new rate plan for BeSafe Rate or I modify the existing one. What should i do?

In order to link the list to the BeSafe Rate software, please contact Channel Account Manager Massimiliano Piergentili at as soon as possible.
As soon as the new list is changed or created, the generated bookings will not be filtered by the extranet until the link is updated.