Hoteliers FAQs: Benefits and Insurance Coverage Included | BeSafe Rate

Benefits and insurance coverage included

BeSafe Rate has many advantages, both for you and for your guests.
In this section of our FAQ you can discover the advantages and get more information about the insurance coverage included in the rate.


What are the advantages for my accommodation?

BeSafe Rate is a perfect marketing tool for accommodations. With BeSafe Rate, you guarantee:

Guaranteed collection: secure the prepaid amount of the reservation
Disintermediation: encourages the guest to choose to book directly, thanks to a guarantee included in the booking
Prepayment: encourages the choice of prepayment
Reputation: your guest will be happy to book a rate with a shield included, protecting them in the event of unforeseen events.
There are many other advantages, learn more by asking to be contacted: fill in the form.


What are the advantages for my guests?

Your guests will be happy to book with a rate that protects them in the event of unforeseen events.
Your guest will benefit from assistance during their stay (e.g. medical, roadside assistance), coverage (e.g. on luggage, medication) and a money-back guarantee on the prepaid amount in the event of unforeseen events. To check all coverages included in BeSafe Rate, you can read the Insurance Policy.

In addition, BeSafe Rate is simple because guests can book in just three steps:
1.Navigate on the online booking or contact the accommodation to request a quote;
2.Choose BeSafe Rate;
3.Confirm the reservation.

Your guests will not be redirected to an external website, they will not have to insert any sensitive information in addition to the data already provided to confirm the reservation. They will not have to pay extra at a later time. Everything is included.

Insurance coverage included in the rate

Who is covered by the insurance?

The insurance coverage included in BeSafe Rate covers all participants in the stay, whose names have been provided.
When a reservation is marked as “collected” on BeSafe Rate Extranet, an email is automatically sent to the account holder of the reservation at the email address provided during the booking process.
The booker must provide the names of the partecipants to the stay and who will be included in the insurance cover. Guests whose names are not given will not be covered by the insurance.

Which insurance coverage are included in the rate?

Insurance coverage includes:

  • Health and medical assistance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Luggage Coverage
  • Cancellation of Stay

For more info read the Insurance Policy.

The insurance coverage is valid for pets too?

The insurance included in BeSafe Rate covers the participants in the stay whose names have been communicated.
Pets are not included in the insurance coverage.

Are Pandemic (Covid-19) and Quarantine included in the insurance coverage?

Yes, as indicated in the Insurance Policy.
For further information about this coverage, please read the Insurance Policy.