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How BeSafe Rate works

Would you like more information on how the BeSafe Rate service works? In this section we have collected the most frequently asked questions we receive from our customers and professionals.
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How BeSafe Rate works

Who collects the reservation amount?

Transactions related to payment of full or partial amounts are handled entirely by the accommodation structure registered to the service.
Just as with the sale of other rates from their own site or offline, the accommodation is responsible to take care of collecting the amount using their own payment and money receiving systems.

Who are the recipients of the service?

BeSafe Rate service’s recipients are accommodation owners of all sizes and categories that, by registering at the BeSafe Rate service, want to offer their guests a travel insurance included in the cost of their prepaid stay.
The insurance coverage protects the accommodation from the loss of money in case of cancellation and the guest from unforeseen events that may occur before and during the stay.

What is the insured amount?

The amount insured is the amount shown as Total Received within the bookings in the BeSafe Rate Private Area.
In the event that the same stay has been reported in BeSafe Rate Private Area in several separate bookings, the insured amount will be the sum of those bookings in which the same names are registered.

When are the insured coverages applied to my guests?

The insurance coverage included in BeSafe Rate is automatically activated when the payment is confirmed.
When the amount associated to the reservation has been received, the accommodation will mark the reservation as “collected” in its BeSafe Rate Private Area, which automatically activates the coverage included in the rate in favour of the holder of the reservation. In addition, the latter will receive an email requesting the name, surname and nationality of the other participants of the stay in order to extend the coverage to the other guests.
The complete Insurance Policy and detailed information on the service are included in the text of the communication.

Can I put the room up on sale again if I receive a cancellation for a BeSafe Rate reservation?

Yes. When a cancellation for a BeSafe Rate reservation is received, the latter is to be considered cancelled. Consequently,the same room can be put on sale again.

What do my guests have to do?

Guests just have to communicate the names of their travel partners to apply insurance coverage included in BeSafe Rate reservation.
In order to guarantee the correct application of the insurance coverage, the names, surnames and nationalities of all participants of the stay, to whom the insurance coverage is to be extended, must be communicated directly to BeSafe Rate by e-mail. This operation does not provide any additional costs and requires the communication of the same number of names as indicated in the guests’ reservation.

What kind of documentation is provided to my guests?

When the accommodation confirms the collection in BeSafe Rate Private Area, the account holder of the reservation will automatically receive an email containing a request to provide names, surnames and nationality of other participants of the stay, in order to extend the coverage to the other guests. Furthermore, they will receive the necessary information in case of assistance. Finally, they will find attached the Insurance Policy, both in Italian and in English.

Who should communicate the names of participants of the stay?

The account holder of the reservation has to provide this information. These names must be communicated electronically directly to BeSafe Rate.