Hoteliers FAQs: How to Manage Prepaid Reservations | BeSafe Rate

How to manage BeSafe Rate reservations

Managing BeSafe Rate reservations is as easy as it gets. In this section, we’ve collected the most frequently asked questions we get from customers and industry professionals on the subject.
You can find out the specifics on receiving, timing, how to collect and managing the rate. Browse our FAQs to find out more.

How to manage BeSafe Rate reservations

When should I collect?

BeSafe Rate is a prepaid rate and as such, it provides the immediate collections by the accommodation, according to its preferred method.
Once the payment has been successfully made, the accommodation should report the collections in the BeSafe Rate Reserved Area, by activating the coverage in favour of travellers.

I received a BeSafe reservation. What should I do?

If your accommodation uses a management system integrated with the BeSafe Rate software, you will have to cash the amount associated with the booking and then report the booking as collected in your reserved area.
If you do not use a management system or if it is not integrated, you will have to access your reserved area and insert the booking manually, taking care to fill in all the required fields (check-in and check-out date, booking amount, name, surname, nationality and e-mail address of the account holder of the reservation).
If the amount associated with the reservation has already been collected in, you will be able to mark the reservation as collected in at the time of registration. If you have not yet processed the payment, you can insert the reservation as pending and change its status when the payment is received.

When should I change the status of the booking from pending to collected or insert the booking in the extranet?

A change of booking status automatically activates the insurance coverage included in the rate, so the indication of the collections must be made immediately after processing the payment for your stay.
Any delay involving the collections’ indication may affect the validity of the coverage included in the rate, which is valid from the time the collections’ indication is reported until check-out.

What happens if I confirm the reservation collection?

The insurance coverage included in the stay is automatically activated at the time of confirmation of the collections.
An email containing all the information regarding the insurance coverage included in the rate (including useful numbers and instructions to follow in case of need for assistance) is then automatically sent to the email address of the account holder of the reservation, requesting the names of all the participants in the stay to whom the insurance coverage is to be extended.
The communication is sent in Italian for all bookings where the booker has been registered with this nationality and in English for the rest. In addition, the Insurance Coverage Policy is also sent in both Italian and English.

What happens if I don't confirm the reservation collection?

The activation of the insurance coverage included in the cost of the stay occurs automatically when the reservation is reported as collected in the BeSafe Rate area.
If the booking is not reported as collected in, the insurance coverage for travellers associated with that booking will not be activated.
No commission is generated for these bookings.

My management system is not integrated/ I don't have a management system. What happens if I don't insert reservation details in the extranet?

Reservations not entered will not be considered as BeSafe Rate reservations. Consequently, no insurance coverage will be activated for such reservations and no commission will be payable.

I received a BeSafe reservation and my management system is integrated, but my reservation does not appear in the extranet. What should I do?

If you do not see your reservation in your BeSafe Rate reserved Area, you can send us an email to or contact us via the chat available in your reserved Area, by communicating the name of the account holder of the reservation and the corresponding number.