Hoteliers FAQs: The Refund of Prepaid Reservations | BeSafe Rate


Do you have doubts about BeSafe Rate booking refunds? We have selected and collected the most frequent questions that are handled by our consultants in this section, specially structured to clarify the doubts of affiliates and those interested in our service.


Who runs refunds requests?

Refunds requests are handled and paid directly by the relevant insurance company.

BeSafe Rate Team provides support, to the need and at the express request of the account holder of the reservation who booked with BeSafe Rate, in the opening phase, providing the insured with the necessary information to proceed.

Who provides refund to my guests?

Refund requests are handled entirely by the insurance company of reference, so the assessment of claims and the disbursement of any refunds is made by the insurance company.

How can my guests request a refund?

Travellers who have booked with the BeSafe Rate can request a refund by sending an email to the Insurance Company providing their contact details and the documentation required to assess the claim.

When processing the claim, the insurance company may request additional supporting documentation.

Can you ask for a refund in the event of a no-show?

Yes, it is possible to request a refund for no-show within 30 days of the planned date of stay, both in the case of cancellation and no-show.

A customer contacted me to ask for a refund. What should I do?

Please invite your guest to get in touch with our Customer Care Service, which is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., by sending an email to Our staff will provide the necessary support as quickly as possible.

What documents do I need to provide to my guests in order to claim the refund?

In order to claim a refund from the insurance company, the following documentation must be provided by the accommodation to travellers: confirmation of booking, confirmation of cancellation of booking or No-Show, proof of prepayment received (tax receipt or receipt of charge(s)).
With reference to the confirmation documentation, the pre-payment and cancellation policy associated with BeSafe Rate, descriptions of which are provided to all affiliated establishments when registering for the service, must be shown on this documentation.

What documents does my guest need to provide in order to claim the refund?

The list is available in the Insurance Coverage Policy.
In addition to the documentation relating to the cancellation of the trip (e.g. medical certificate), you must provide confirmation of the booking of the stay, the cancellation of the stay and the tax receipt or pre-payment receipt provided by the accomodation.

Check-in date is over. How much time do my guests have to request the refund?

As specified in the Insurance Policy, guests have 30 days from the planned date of stay to open the claim and proceed with the request for the refund to the insurance company.

Can I send refund request in the place of my guests?

If your guests contacts you for a refund, you can send us the request by email to, specifying the name and surname of the account holder of the reservation and the booking number.
Our Customer Care department will contact the guest to provide them with the assistance and information useful to open a refund request.

A guest wants to know the refund request's status. What shall I say?

You can invite the guest to get in touch with us by writing an email to Our staff will answer him as soon as possible.