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What is BeSafe Rate? Costs and Payments

But exactly… what is BeSafe Rate and what do you pay? Browse this FAQs section to find out all the information about service, costs and payments associated with BeSafe Rate.

What is BeSafe Rate?

Is BeSafe Rate an OTA?

No, BeSafe Rate is a prepaid rate with insurance included to be added to the rate plan (on online and/or offline booking), in order to incentivize direct reservations and the guest’s choice to pre-pay their stay, encouraging your accommodation’s reputation and disintermediation from Online Travel Agencies.

Is BeSafe Rate an insurance company?

No, BeSafe Rate is not an insurance company. BeSafe Rate is an innovative software created by Be Safe Group Srl that connects guests, accomodation and insurance company. BeSafe Rate software allows the automatic activation of insurance coverage for guests who make their reservation with BeSafe Rate.

Service costs and payments

How much does the service cost? What do you pay for?

The service has no entry costs, setup or exit charges. What is charged is a percentage to be calculated exclusively on BeSafe Rate reservations that are sold.
The percentage to be paid is fixed and corresponds to the fee for the use of the software.
There are no other costs to be borne by BeSafe Rate.


When do I pay? How do I pay?

On the last day of the month, a cumulative invoice is issued for BeSafe Rate reservations which have been collected during the reference month, including 22% VAT for services.
The invoice can be paid by bank transfer within 10 days of transmission.

What happens if I do not pay an invoice within the deadline?

In the event of non-payment or late payment, the insurance coverage, which is included in the reservation confirmed by the guest, is not guaranteed.

How much does the cancellation cost and how does it work?

The accommodation may withdraw from the contract at any time, without incurring any penalty, by sending an email.