What is and how does Insured Booking work | BeSafe Rate

What it is and how it works

What it is

Have you ever tried to offer an innovative and safe rate to your guests? You’ll be surprised to attract a new and growing market segment looking for a safe and secure stay.

BeSafe Rate is the service designed to allow you to sell stays with insurance included in the cost of the reservation directly from your website or offline according to your sales strategies.

Thanks to the insured reservation, BeSafe makes sure your guests are safe and so are your profits.

How it works

Service activation is free of charge.

In 3 simple steps you register for the service and have access to your personal area.

We assist you in the rate setup process, you choose how to position it according to your sales strategy.

We connect directly with your management system. The software will only filter the insured bookings received and send your guests’ details to the insurance company.
The coverage included in the reservation will be activated automatically.

You can also receive insured reservations without integration.

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User Experience

Everything happens on your site, maximizing your chances of conversion.

The guest browses your site, selects BeSafe Rate from the available offers and finalizes the booking process.

Travel insurance is automatically included in the cost of the reservation. Nothing changes for you.

You receive a booking confirmation.

You collect the amount associated with your insured stay according to the payment policy you have chosen.

Manage your reservation directly in your Private Area

The guest receives confirmation that the insurance cover has been activated.

Your collection is safe and so are your guests.