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The new standard of safe travel

The new standard of safe travel

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BeSafe Group is the insurtech company that designs and develops products for travel operators and their guests.

We are travel professionals, and we want to change the way people travel, bringing innovation in the market at 360 degrees.


We are a team of travel professionals

Who we are

Since 2017, we have been designing and developing tech and software products for travel operators, hotels, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and their guests.

Our strengths

Why we are different


Customised rates

to accommodate every need of the hotel, the Tour Operator and the traveller.


Integrated platform

with the major hotel and travel software in Europe.


It is not just an insurance

but a service to the end customer and a revenue tool for the travel operator.

Our network

Partners who trust us

Our impact on the industry

Our numbers


affiliated partners


insured travellers


insured bookings

Our products

Discover the BeSafe world

BeSafe Rate

BeSafe Rate

The insurance solution that secures hotels’ revenues, Tour Operators and OTAs, and protects the stay of their guests and customers.

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BeSafe Pay

BeSafe Pay

The payment gateway for hospitality, offering bank reconciliation, instant transfers, virtual cards from OTAs and more.

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