Hotelier Testimonials: Giulia Angelini from Hotel Damaso - BeSafe Suite
Giulia Angelini – Hotel Damaso

Giulia Angelini – Hotel Damaso

Why did you choose to affiliate to Besafe Rate?

We chose Besafe Rate because we wanted to offer our guests the opportunity to book with an insurance policy that could assist them in case of unexpected events, but at the same time protecting the hotel by minimizing losses caused by lost collections of late cancellations.

What benefits did you experience?

In the case of requests for refunds, the mediation of Besafe Rate opens the possibility for the Hotel not to have to choose between customer satisfaction and sales.

Both are satisfied! The hotel collects the confirmed rate and the customer is reimbursed in case of cancellation for unexpected events.

Zero worries for the hotel owner once the reservation is confirmed and no time dedicated to managing it, except to welcome the guest, in hopes of introducing a 360° coverage in the future.

You’ve received a refund request (Ms Fxxxx 2019), reimbursed by the AIG insurance company: what are your comments?

The Besafe Rate Team assisted the guests, helping with the process of the request for refunds, obtained in large part. The hotel is guaranteed the collection of the total rate, avoiding to lose the money caused by the late cancellation.